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How it Works

How it Works

Bottle Grabbies was designed to be simple and easy to use. There are only three components (one Baby Bottle Band and two Grabbies) Once applied, it can completely change the way you bottle feed your baby! 

Baby Bottle Handle
Preparation     Circle Logo

Before feeding time, you can take a Grabbie and see if your baby grasps onto it. If your baby is not grabbing onto it, you may want to do a few sessions of playtime with the Grabbie as a grasping toy to familiarize your little one first. It is recommenced that you start your first Bottle Grabbies feed with a Grabbie detached to see how they react. Make sure to gauge their arm activity so you can be confident they will not be tossing the bottle around. Safety first! Once you and your baby are ready, move on to step 1!

Step 1     Square Logo

Lightly wet the bottle band with water and lay it over the top of the bottle. Place one of the ball joints between your index and middle finger and move your thumb over the other ball joint. Apply pressure on both ball joints to gently push the bottle band down the bottle with your thumb and index finger. The band will flex and expand to fit the size of your baby bottle. The band location is ideally a third way down to half way down the bottle, but play around with placement to see what fits your baby best.

Step 2     Triangle Logo

Take your first Grabbie and snap on one of the bottle band ball joints. Once connected, it can be rotated to any position.

Step 3     Star Logo

Take your second Grabbie (it doesnt have to match!) and snap on the other bottle band ball joint. Again, once connected, it can be rotated into any position. 

You are now all ready to bottle feed your baby with Bottle Grabbies!


  • Be smart and safe! Please only use while your baby is under close supervision and do not leave your baby unattended at any time. Parents should take caution when using Bottle Grabbies. Please keep in mind that this product does not absolve parents from typical feeding responsibilities.
  • If used correctly, Bottle Grabbies can help your baby start the journey of haptic exploration and allow them to start working on those tiny fingers!
  • Warm up your baby first with a detached Grabbie as a grasping toy during playtime a few times, so they can transition to bottle feeding with these Grabbies a little easier
  • Don't forget to explore different Grabbie combinations and watch your baby explore!
  • Adjust the Grabbies so that your baby can comfortably reach it. If it is sill too far away, move the bottle band closer to the nipple of the bottle.
  • Rotate and spin the Grabbies around to encourage your baby to hold the Grabbies
  • You can also gently place their hands on the Grabbies before putting the bottle nipple in their mouth. Often, they will close their hands and start gripping when they start feeding.

Remember! Early exploration of your baby's reflexes can dovetail to more complex grips and strength. If your baby does not hold the Grabbies at first, don't give up!