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Welcome to Finturely!

We're a Sacramento, California based company that focuses on haptic perception in babies. We believe that early haptic exploration in babies can dovetail to more complexities such as self feeding and communication with baby sign language. The achievement of the pincer grip and teachings of baby signing can really be a game changer and empower your baby. Babies and toddlers naturally want to help out and do things on their own, so the earlier they are capable of actually doing it, the less fussy they are and the more rested you, the parents, will be! 

How it all began     Finturely

When our daughter was born, she possessed the speed of the Road Runner and the elastic bouncing of Flubber. She was full of energy to say the least. Keeping her still was mighty feat and this would often deter her from eating and drinking enough milk. Even at a young age, her eyes were always gazing and hands always reaching out with an agenda of curiosity. Seeing that she was very active, we wanted to give her the tools, toys and opportunity to develop her senses on her own pace. 

During bottle feeding, she would fuss, not being able to calm down at times and cutting her meals short. We started giving her toys to hold during bottle feeding, which helped keep her entertained. But much of the toys were too large and clunky and with the bottle near her face she would often drop the toy or drop the bottle and fuss even more when she didn't have both. Getting her to drink enough milk was a difficult task to say the least.

One day, we tried to give her a clothes hanger to hold onto while bottle feeding. It's thin, round, plastic rods were perfect for her little fingers to grip onto. The hanger also helped finger stimulation and triggered her palmer grasp reflex. The combination of milk feeding and the pulsing grip put her in a relaxing lullaby-ing state which calmed her down and allowed her to drink more milk. We were so relieved!

Fast forward a few weeks with us giving her the same clothes hanger with every bottle feed led her to have a pretty strong grip and she was now holding the baby bottle on her own. It was a nice full radial digital grasp, which we were pretty surprised to see. It wasn't so much that she improved her grip on the bottle, but we believe that she calmed down from her new found independence.  

What we learned     Finturely

We decided to look further into the development of hand grasps for newborns and babies. We learned the importance of haptic perception at an early age and that's when we decided to create our brand, Finturely, to represent the effectiveness of early haptic exploration and to spread the word to other parents that may be having the same problems. 

The goal of Finturely is to give you the tools to properly develop your baby's haptic perception so they can independently perform the basic tasks that they all want to do themselves

With this new sense of independence, self feeding was immediate. Since she already had the pincer grasp down, solids and finger foods was a no brainer. Her meals now gave us a short, yet needed rest during the day.

It also didn't stop there. We utilized her early-found hand strength and dexterity to teach her baby signing, which solidified the case for haptic exploration at an early age. Since our daughter was able to articulate her little fingers, she was able to make out many of the signs. In addition to her being able to do things herself, she was now also able to communicate with us before knowing the spoken words of what she wanted first. 

The more empowered your baby feels, the less tantrums and crying there will be. So if you're a parent with a non-stop little Road Runner or an off-the-wall, defiant Flubber (or both!), check out our site and further educate yourself with the importance of haptic perception and the haptic exploratory procedures to have the tools to empower your baby. Or just check out our store, where we're done some of the hard work for you already.

Bottle Buddies     Finturely
Bottle Buddieswas created solely on this story. Discovering how to calm our daughter with something to hold with in her little hands and how significant haptic exploration are at an early age, was a game changer. Both of these are incorporated in this one of a kind, patent pending, bottle accessorizing toy. With the Bottle Buddies Baby Bottle Band, you can sleeve over most typical baby bottles. Once the band is sleeved, you can attach on handles that spin and rotate to encourage your newborn to reach out and start the journey of haptic exploration. Or if your baby is little older, the attachable handles act as a normal bottle handle for self feeding. Take a look at our products and see if this is a fit for you and your baby. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Finturely's Mission Statement     Finturely

  1. Minimalism: to innovate and create simple solutions on old and new frontiers to help out parents
  2. Millenary: to reach the next millenary milestone through sustainability, development and care of our young
  3. Momentous: to sustain passion and collaboration to propel Finturely's mission statements by listening to the crowd 

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