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Bottle Grabbies 5oz Baby Bottle Render
Bottle Grabbies - Starter Kit
Baby using Bottle Grabbies
Bottle Grabbies Baby Bottle Display
Bottle Grabbies 5oz Baby Bottle
Bottle Grabbies 5oz Baby Bottle Angled Handles
Bottle Grabbies 5oz Baby Bottle Without Handles
Bottle Grabbies 5oz Baby Bottle Side
Baby Bottle Band Side
Baby Bottle Band Playful
Baby Bottle Band Stretch
Baby Bottle Band Joint Attachment
Toddler using Bottle Grabbies
Toddler Drinking Milk With Bottle Grabbies
Infant Playing with Grabbie
Bottle Grabbies Without Bottle Front Render
Bottle Grabbies Without Bottle Angled Render

Bottle Grabbies - Starter Kit

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A gripping baby is a happy baby. This stretchable band sleeves over your favorite baby bottle or sippy cup. Comfortable and secure ball joints allow you to attach grasping toys onto the bottle for your baby to explore, exercise their grip and train to self feed. 
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Product Description:


Bottle Grabbies Baby Bottle Display



Baby using Bottle Grabbies



Toddler using Bottle Grabbies
See How it Works:

 Teaser #2 - Functionality Thumbnail

Complete with Baby Bottle Band and both Original Grabbies, this starter kit is the perfect gift for expecting and new mothers. Comes with:

Qty.1 - Baby Bottle Band

Durable and flexible, this band stretches to fit most baby bottles for Grabbie attachments. See more product details > 

  • ONE OF A KIND - Patent pending, designed with Mom's and Dad's in mind
  • BOTTLE SIZES - For baby bottle handles on 5oz to 8oz+ bottles. Ribs along inner band for snug fit
  • EASY TO APPLY - Flexible elastomer band can stretch over 25%
  • CUSTOMIZE - Durable rigid ends with ball joints for any Grabbie attachments
  • COMFORT SNAP SOCKET - Ball joint friction pads provide soft and secure connection
  • BPA FREE/ NON TOXIC - Safe for babies, made with food grade materials

Qty.2 - Original Grabbies

Large, easy to grasp rings. Great first Grabbie to start encouraging babies to explore and begin finger stimulation. Comes as a pair. See more product details >

  • GRASPING RINGS - Four large rings provides opportunities for different grasp types
  • COMPATIBILITY - Attaches to the Bottle Grabbies Baby Bottle Band
  • BABY BOTTLE HANDLES - Great for holding breast milk and formula bottles
  • COMFORT SNAP SOCKET - Ease of rotating, applying and removing Grabbies
  • SOFT TOUCH - Soft and smooth for baby gripping
  • BPA FREE/ NON TOXIC - Safe for babies, made with food grade materials

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With the Bottle Grabbies Baby Bottle Band, you can sleeve over most typical baby bottles. Once the band is sleeved, you can attach on Grabbies, or handles, that spin and rotate to encourage your newborn to reach out and start the journey of haptic exploration. Or if your baby is little older, the attachable Grabbies act as a normal bottle handle for self feeding. Please note: the photo shows additional items that are not included in a single Starter Kit. Bottles are not included and are only shown to represent how the product can be used.

Easy to Apply

Baby Bottle Band Stretch

The Baby Bottle Band is able to stretch over 25% of it's original length! This allows you to use Bottle Grabbies on small and large baby bottles. Most baby bottle brands only offer a proprietary bottle handle for their brand. With the Baby Bottle Band, you can switch bottle brands without a worry. The Baby Bottle Band will just stretch to fit your favorite bottle!

Comfort Snap Socket
Baby Bottle Band Joint Attachment
Comfort snap socket designed to provide a soft and secure connection for ease of applying and removing Grabbies. The ball joint includes a friction pad at the tip that also allows firm and dampened rotation of Grabbies. The comfort snap socket is available on all Grabbies and Baby Bottle Bands, so you can mix and match to see what your baby likes. Customize your baby bottle today with Bottle Grabbies! 
See How to Customize:
Teaser #1 - Customize

Read more about how to use it >


Technical Details:

Product Package Dimension: ~7"L x 5"W x 1"H
Package Weight: 1.6 ounces
Material: Plastic & Elastomer
Material Free: BPA free
SKU: 860003967904

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