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A Smarter Way to Feed Your Baby

A brand new product for baby bottles that brings a fun dynamic to feeding time

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We Focus on Haptic Perception

Our goal is to give you the tools to develop your baby's haptic perception to independently perform the basic tasks they want to do all by themselves

Haptic Exploratory Procedures

Baby Grasp Types

Baby Sign Language

3 steps to boost your baby's feeding routine

Learn how Bottle Grabbies can be a game changer for you

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Importance of Haptic Habitation

What is haptic perception, haptic habitation and how do I make sure my baby develops this?

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The Bottle Grabbies Design

Take a closer look at how Bottle Grabbies was designed with moms and dads in mind
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The Finturely Story

See how the beginnings of Finturely relates to your growing family

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Journey through the evolution of our flagship product line Bottle Grabbies, informative and fun posts regarding haptic perception, baby self feeding and baby sign language and more!

We are really excited for this upcoming pre-order launch of our brand new product line called Bottle Grabbies! It's a...

Posted by Finturely on Tuesday, June 9, 2020