A Gripping Baby is a Happy Baby

Grasping toys that keep your baby busy exploring while feeding

Detachable handles can ease transition to sippy cups

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  • Baby using Bottle Grabbies
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My daughter had a hard time holding a bottle on her own. The grabby handles were very easy for her to fit her fingers around. From there she was able to learn lifting the bottle up in no time. And she likes playing with the grabbies even when she’s done feeding!

Brett B.

I was getting worried that my 9 month old is still not holder her bottles on her own and when I discovered these bottle grabbies, it changed everything. It made it easier for bub to grab her bottle. After 2 weeks of using, she can now hold her bottle on her own. I definitely recommend!

Hannah P.

These are so awesome. My 9 month old son uses them daily. They really help him have a good grip on the bottle. I like that we can use them on sippy cups as well. I'll definitely recommend these to friends and family!

Amanda H.

I've been looking for a product like this for a long time!! My son who is 14 months old has shorter arms and is determined to be independent! I feel like the Bottle Grabbies is perfect for him or any child with limb differences! I definitely think the wide hold/rings will help him hold his sippy cup independently and help him use both hands. I'm really excited about this product and I hope that it will relieve some of the frustration he gets when his sippy cup gets too far away!

Ashlyn O.

Bottle grabbies are awesome! It makes it easier for my 10 month old to hold his bottle to feed himself. I find the handles really good for developing coordination and grip. And when I gave it to Nolan, he knew what to do right away. I think this product is great, and everyone should get them for their little guys!

Taylor C.

Bottle Grabbies was a new fun way to help me bottle feed my child. It allowed her to keep her attention while feeding and the rings helped with her grip. I liked that the handles are not only helpful during feeding, we also used the handles while breastfeeding, during play time on her mat and even in the car to keep her occupied. Bottle Grabbies was like her own fidget toy. I was very pleased with my Bottle Grabbies and would definitely gift them to my friends as well.

Paloma D.

We Focus on Haptic Perception

Our goal is to give you the tools to develop your baby's grip strength and dexterity early on, so they can independently perform the basic tasks they want to do all by themselves

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