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Q: Can the Baby Bottle Band fit on any baby bottle?

A: The Baby Bottle Band is designed to fit on most standard 5 to 8 ounce baby bottle sizes. However, it can stretch over 25% of it's length to fit over much larger bottles as well.

Q: When should I use Bottle Grabbies?

A: Anytime! Although the recommended age is 0-12 months, Bottle Grabbies is designed to fit over a baby bottle so if your baby/toddleris is using a bottle, Bottle Grabbies could be used. The great thing about this product is that once feeding time is over, you can simply detach the Grabbie off the band and use it stand alone, either as a toy or a teether.

Q: Can you mix and match Grabbies? 

A: Yes, mixing and matching Grabbies is encouraged! Each Grabbie has the same attachment connector that will fit on either side of the band. 

Q: Can you heat up the baby bottle with the Baby Bottle Band attached?

A: Yes, the Baby Bottle Band and Grabbies are made of resilient elastomer and plastic material that can withstand boiling water

Q: Are the materials used to make Bottle Grabbies safe for my baby?

A: Yes, it is made of food grade material, non-toxic and BPA free

Q: I just pre-ordered my Bottle Grabbies starter kit, when will I receive this?

A: The Bottle Grabbies collection's 1st batch will be manufactured very soon. It should be no longer than 1 month before we receive them. Once we receive them, we will immediately fulfill your order and standard deliver time will apply. Discounted pre-orders are only valid until supplies last.

Q: Looks like additional Grabbies will be released soon. When will that be?

A: Finturely is working hard to get new Grabbies released in a reasonable time frame. Check back in a couple of months or reach out to us here: for a tailored response

Q: Where can I find similar products like Bottle Grabbies?

A: Bottle Grabbies is a one of a kind, patent pending product. The original design is created by Finturely, so make sure you check for the Finturely logo and SKU number for authenticity. If you believe you found a copy, please contact us at

Q: What is the standard delivery time for products I purchase?

A: We source order fulfillment locally in here Oakland, California and deliver using USPS First Class. So standard shipping times within the United States will comply (within 3-5 days once the order is received and fulfilled). 

Q: Why are the shipping fees different from what I am used to?

A: Finturely offers a guaranteed low flat rate shipping fee of $3.00 for orders shipping anywhere in the U.S.

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