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Top 10 Baby Signs

Baby Sign Language
Being in tune with your baby is probably an underrated attribute a parent can have, but when you're vibing with your baby, you reduce baby stress and ultimately, the stress on yourself as well.
This all begins with communication and being able to understand what your baby's needs. Baby signing (baby sign language/ ASL) is just another tool for your baby to show you what they need at an early age. See below for our Top 10 Baby Signs!
  1. More - Gather your fingers together on both hands. Tap them together several times.
    Baby Sign More
  2. Please - Place your hand onto your chest. Move your hand in a circular motion several times.
    Baby Sign Please
  3. All Done - Open both hands with your palms facing towards you. Twist your wrist quickly with palms facing away.
    Baby Sign All Done
  4. Food - Gather your fingers together. Tap your mouth several times.
    Baby Sign Food
  5. Milk - Open and close your hand, as if squeezing.
    Baby Sign Milk
  6. Water - Form a "w" with your index, middle and ring finger. Tap your chin twice, leading with your index finger (finger nails to the side).
    Baby Sign Water
  7. Potty - Close your hand into a fist with your thumb sticking between your index and middle fingers. Twist your wrist several times.
    Baby Sign Potty
  8. Wait - Open both hands with your palms facing up. Wiggle your fingers several times.
    Baby Sign Wait
  9. Thank You/ You're Welcome - Place your hand with your fingertips towards your chin. Move your hand away from your chin and slightly down, ending with palm facing up.
    Baby Sign Thank You
  10. Hot - Form a "c" with your hand and place the palm side near your mouth. Twist your wrist to face the palm side away from you, as if you're removing something hot from your mouth.
    Baby Sign Hot

* Pointing - This is a great tool as well. Although not an official American Sign Language, the great thing about baby signing is that any sign that is helpful to you and your baby is accepted! Pointing is a perfect example to help your little one express what they want, without having to learn that specific spoken word.

Baby Sign Pointing

What signs are your baby showing? Share with us your favorite sign!

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