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Pre-Order Rewards

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  • Pre-Order is now available
  • Expected to be in your home by early September 2020
  • 25% OFF is automatically applied up to 500 orders
  • See below instructions on how to claim rewards

Baby Sign Language 25 Flash Cards Deck - Including Finturely's "TOP 10 BABY SIGNS"

Baby Sign Language Flash Cards Fanned Out
Baby Sign Language Description

BSL Thank You Flash Cards

Bottle Grabbies Mesh Storage Bag

Mesh Storage Bag
Mesh Bag Description
 See below for how rewards are distributed. Rewards will be updated as "Unavailable" as quantity runs out.
1st 100 Pre-Order Rewards Unavailable
Next 200 Pre-Orders
Up to 500 Pre-Order
All Pre-Orders Rewards

How to Claim Rewards

Before you start: review the available rewards above. "Now Available" means you can still claim the rewards. "Unavailable" means the rewards have all been claimed. If they are all claimed, don't worry, skip to the bottom to still get a great deal.

  1. Click on "Claim Rewards" green button below OR go to Bottle Grabbies - Starter Kit Product Page
  2. There will be a reward button: either for Super Early Bird Rewards or the other for Very Early Bird Rewards, depending on quantities available
  3. Click on the "Claim Rewards" button and checkout. The item will be free and your cart includes the additional 25% OFF if you are within the first 500 orders.
  4. Remember to click on sign-up to newsletter to stay in the loop for our next rewards giveaway and future product launches. We have much to show you!
Claim Rewards

 No rewards left?

  • You may still be eligible for the standard Early Bird Reward, which is for the first 500 pre-orders and receive 25% OFF your entire order. View the product pricing and see if the price is slashed from $14.98 to $11.99. If so, the discount is available and you are eligible to claim this reward. 
  • If ALL Early Bird Rewards have been claimed. There is still one last chance to get a great deal. Sign up to our Newsletter (which will have all the latest updates on our next rewards giveaway and future product launches) and get 20% OFF on Bottle Grabbies Collection. 


    • Q: I am not able to claim the Early Bird Rewards, can you help?
    • A: Please make sure to review the rewards above and see if they are marked as "Now Available" or "Unavailable". It may be due to the fact that the rewards are "Unavailable" and have all been claimed. Unavailable rewards will also be greyed out
    • Q: How do I claim the "Up to 500 Early Bird Rewards" and get 25% off my entire order?
    • A: The price will automatically be discounted down to $11.99. You no longer need to manually input a discount code to redeem this discount. If the Early Bird Reward is NOT still available, the product will be full price.
    • Q: All the rewards are "Unavailable", can I still get a great deal?
    • A: Yes, all pre-orders can receive a 20% OFF discount if you sign up to the newsletter below. There will be a welcome email sent to your inbox with a 20% off code that you can apply to your cart.
    • Q: I missed the pre-order rewards, but would like to purchase the Baby Sign Language Flash Cards and Mesh Storage Bag. Is that possible?
    • A: Yes, you can click here to go to the rewards collection product page. 
    • Q: I am still having difficulties claiming my rewards. How can I get support?
    • A: Our support team will have their hands full during the Pre-Order Launch period, however, we will get to your questions as soon as possible. To reach us at our contact page, click here

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