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Baby Bottle Handles
Baby Bottle Handle

Bottle Grabbies - Baby Bottle Handle - Original Grabbie

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Bottle Grabbies

Product Description:

Large, easy to grasp rings. Great first Grabbie to start encouraging babies to explore and begin finger stimulation. Comes as a pair


  • ONE OF A KIND - Patent pending, designed with Mom's and Dad's in mind
  • BABY BOTTLE HANDLES - Great for holding breast milk and formula bottles
  • COMPATIBILITY - Attaches to the Bottle Grabbies Baby Bottle Band
  • COMFORT SNAP SOCKET - Ease of rotating, applying and removing Grabbies
  • SOFT TOUCH - Soft and smooth for baby gripping
  • BPA FREE/ NON TOXIC - Safe for babies, made with food grade materials

Technical Details: 

Difficulty: Starter
Grasp Type:
  • Palmer Grasp
Product Dimension: 4.2"L x 3.1"W
Item Weight: 0.4 ounces
Material: Plastic
Material Free: BPA free
SKU: 860003967911

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